Paintings by Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

on writing

i’ve been having a hard time with writing lately. Terrible actually. As pretentious as it sounds “my voice” is distorted, the intersections of academia and art and language have seen causing motor accidents yo. Like what do I even sound like anymore? 

Something in me vibrates to a dusky, dreamy smell of dying moons and shadows. —Zelda Fitzgerald (via wordsnquotes)


The little-known art of Zelda Fitzgerald – pictured here, her painting of springtime at Washington Square Park.

Koj Nyob Qhov Twg

I fear being here

so far away from home,

that my tongue

so proper and full of diction

can no longer wrap itself

around my grandmothers prayers.

I love Fredrick Lamar! —a white girl wearing a bindi at coachella  (via damaseas)
May all your Disney princesses be gay, and may all your white male faves be played by Lucy Liu. —ancient fandom curse (via fabmulan)
You see, I want a lot.
Maybe I want it all:
the darkness of each endless fall,
the shimmering light of each ascent. —Rainer Maria Rilke, from The Book Of Hours (via violentwavesofemotion)


Via Washington City Paper


white people

Approximately 375 students drop out of Los Angeles Unified each week. Thats 375 empty desk, this is our stand. 

I suddenly feel a vague pity for all those writers who have to ply their trade from sleepy American suburbs, writing divorce scenes symbolized by the very slow washing of dishes. —Teju Cole (via rockstarchinaman)


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" should really be called "The Ladies of Marvel are Perfect and Can Take Down the Bad Guys in Half the Time You Did It In".

Do not let the bastards grind you down. —Margaret Atwood, from The Handmaid’s Tale (via violentwavesofemotion)